Our Mission

To deliver innovative software products and services to the global Cable Manufacturing Industry that add value by increasing efficiency, improving quality, decreasing lead times and reducing costs.

To understand the needs of every customer in order to deliver value to their business.

To build strong relationships with our customers and to be their partner of choice in implementing new Design and Manufacturing Systems, which provide fast return on investment and are able to adapt as their business changes.

Our Products

Welcome to Cimteq Cable Manufacturing Software

In the fast paced environment of cable design and manufacturing it can be difficult to keep control over all elements of the design and production process, with so many different factors to consider accuracy and reducing wastage has in the past been viewed as something of the holy grail of the industry. At Cimteq we understand these pressures and are mindful of the fact that each company faces different challenges. Over the years we have been dedicated to producing software that tackles the challenges businesses face head on and solves these issues. Our software is unique, designed for the cable industry by the cable industry.

We are industry leaders in providing software for the design and manufacturing of cables. We operate across the globe, every installation we carry out is specifically tailored to that individual customers requirements to ensure that they gain the maximum benefit from our software solutions.

A Few Words from Ali Shehab, CEO

When I established Cimteq back in 1998 I had a wealth of experience in the cable industry. Having graduated in Electronic Engineering I had started my career in BICC cables as a developer on their home grown MES software and then developed into a business analyst role providing manufacturing experience for ERP implementations. I could see a gap in the market and established Cimteq, initially to provide consultancy software services to the Cable Industry.

Our first contract was with BICC cables providing business software implementation and process control consultancy to the cable manufacturing industry. The business grew quickly and as we pushed the boundaries of innovation Cimteq gained increasingly more notoriety not just for the abilities of our software but also for the excellent levels of customer service that we supplied.

We see every new project as a new challenge, each company has a different set of requirements, culture and vision which requires careful analysis to work out how we could best serve them. Our projects also vary in scale, it is always exciting to work with the giants in the cable industry like Nexans but we take just as much pride in assisting smaller manufacturers like Dekoron Wire and Cable.

If I had to select an all-time favourite project it would have to be the third CableBuilder implementation at Dekoron Wire and Cable, the project was challenging and we managed to grow our solution incrementally as they grew, and morphed, their business. It taught me how to see the customer as a partner and work with them to achieve their objectives a value we hold close to our hearts here at Cimteq. After all we derive our success from our customers success.

I have seen Cimteq grow from strength to strength over the last 18 years by innovating and providing great customer service. This formula works and we will be driving the company forward in this direction. Innovation is evident from our recent release of CableMES and CableBuilder3D. There will be new products/modules available in the next year or two so watch this space.

Ali Shehab Cimteq Cables

Ali Shehab, CEO, Cimteq


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Company Timeline

  • Cimteq is Founded

    Ali Shehab CEO established Cimteq to provide business software implementation and process control consultancy to the cable manufacturing industry.

  • First implementation of CableBuilder

    Cimteq carries out the first implementation of its flagship product CableBuilder at Draka Norsk, Kabel.

  • First Exhibition

    First exhibition of CableBuilder at Wire Dusseldorf.

  • Product of the Year

    CableBuilder is awarded product of the year by Wire & Cable Technology International.

  • Quotation Module

    Introduction of the Quotation Module to CableBuilder.

  • QA Module

    Introduction of QA Module in CableBuilder.

  • CableBuilder Enterprise

    CableBuilder Enterprise is released to handle multisite implementations

  • Cimteq Expansion

    Cimteq expands into its current location in Bangor-on-Dee.

  • Investors in People

    Cimteq obtains Investors in People silver award.

  • CableMES is Introduced

    Cimteq launches its very own manufacturing execution system compatible with CableBuilder - CableMES.

  • Product of the Year

    CableMES is awarded Product of the Year 2014 by Wire & Cable Technology International.

  • Release of CableBuilder3D

    Cimteq releases its latest product CableBuilder3D allowing for the creation of photo realistic graphics.


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