At Cimteq we are passionate about the design and manufacture of Cables. It is our mission to enable companies throughout the industry to design and produce cables better, faster and more cost effectively.

The team at Cimteq is carefully selected to ensure that we have the highest quality individuals working diligently to ensure that Cimteq’s products are at the forefront of the industry, we are committed to pushing boundaries to enable you to do the same in your business. The combination of our rich industry experience and unrivalled domain expertise has resulted in innovative solutions that help you to become more responsive to customer needs while reducing costs.

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Ali Shehab

Chief Executive Officer

My fascination with the magic of electricity lead me to study it at The University of Liverpool, and as anyone who knows me, knows electricity has been part of my being for a long time. In 1990 I was sponsored by BICC Cables to complete my degree and work for the company as a systems engineer. Eight years later I started Cimteq and developed CableBuilder. Since that time I have had the pleasure to work with hundreds of cable makers all over the world with diverse products, solutions and people.

I have had many passions over the years, mountaineering, writing, reading, poetry, forestry, cycling, golf, woodworking, car maintenance, sport cars, energy generation, fishing, music, cooking, motor biking and sailing. But my real passion is learning and the belief that the impossible is an opportunity not a dead end.

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Amanda Shehab


I started working life as an Engineering Apprentice in my father’s electrical engineering company, based in the industrial heart of Sheffield, learning how to rewind motors and repair all kinds of industrial machinery. I graduated from the University of Bradford with an honours degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and I am a certified Chartered Engineer (CEng) and a member of the IET.

I have over twenty-five years’ experience in the Cable Manufacturing Industry, originally employed by BICC Cables as a Manufacturing Systems Engineer, and later by General Cable and Pirelli. This extensive experience, and with my passion for improving productivity and streamlining the manufacturing process, is why we developed CableBuilder and CableMES.

Assuming responsibility as Chairman of the International Wire & Machinery Association (IWMA) in 2015 my primary function is to promote new technology, education and growth within the cable and wire industry and champion our member’s interests.

Director of Cimteq Ltd since 2006

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Jean-Charles Boude

Technical Manager

After graduating with a Master of Science and Engineering degree in the electronics and software engineering fields from the French “Ecole Nationale d’Ingénieurs de Brest”, I have worked as a consultant for the French Navy, major construction firms and healthcare organisations.

I have been involved with the cable industry for over 11 years, becoming an expert on methodologies, technologies and systems used in the industry. I especially enjoy providing our customers with high-level advice with integrating our solutions into existing complex IT landscapes. I am proud to see our solutions helping our customers, and indeed their own customers, with very complex projects such as off-shore wind-farms or sending a probe into space.

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Richard Cotter

Business Development Manager

I have worked within Sales Management and Business Development in the IT and Telecoms sector for over 20 years. The most enjoyable part of my role is working side-by-side with customers to develop solutions that enable them to improve productivity and manage their business more effectively. Post-graduate studies include an MSc. in Information Technology and project management qualification PRINCE2 certified practitioner.

My weekends are consumed by two munchkins and their social lives and if I’m very lucky I get to go mountain walking or mountain biking in Snowdonia.

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Daniel Sanderson

Customer Service Manager

I graduated with a First Class Honours in Internet & Business Technologies, whilst having had a placement year working for the Royal Air Force. If I’m not scaling Ben Nevis or the Burj Khalifa, surviving Glastonbury Music Festival or Thailand, I’ll be mastering Inventor OEM or Spring MVC whilst ensuring high levels of Customer Satisfaction.

Often I am jet setting all around the world working with customers whom manufacture specialist cables for applications deep underwater through to Aerospace and Space.

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Stephen Longville

Senior Software Developer

My role as a senior developer allows me to indulge my passion for coding. I spend a lot of my time working directly with customers to develop customisations or integration projects and am also a key member of the development team working on new products and releases. I studied Software Engineering in Swansea Met University where I developed my zeal for all things IT and especially coding, my final year dissertation was based on Steganography and manipulating music files with Java compared to C.

When I am not coding at work I will probably be coding at home, most recently developed an app to automate a lottery syndicate. Away from coding I’m a PC gamer and play the guitar, when my housemate’s away.

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Yufei Du

Project Engineer

As a Project Engineer my role is quite varied, I am responsible for Project Implementation, demonstrations and sales within China and Asia but I also spend a lot of time helping customers with technical support. I attended Singapore Polytechnic where I studied Electrical and Electronic Engineering, followed by a degree in Sheffield University in the same subject where I developed my interest in programming, focussing on Java, JavaScript and C++.

Whilst in Singapore I headed up the Technical and Testing team for the RoboCup 2012 Challenge Competition, an international festival where we came third out of 381 teams from 42 countries. A native Mandarin speaker who is fluent in English, I have a keen interest in backpacking and travel with two of my favourite places being Malaysia and Denmark for their lifestyle and landscapes.

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Joe Wood

Implementation Consultant

I joined the team shortly after graduating from the University of Bristol, where I studied a BSc. in Mathematics & Computer Science. My final year dissertation focused on data gathering and comparing random matrices and elliptic curves. I was a member of the University chess team, and still play non-competitively, though now my main non-tech passion is for weightlifting.

Having proven my worth at Cimteq through a Customer Support role, I am now working as an Implementation Consultant. I work hand-in-hand through implementation projects at customer sites all over the world which I find both challenging and interesting.

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Ashley Cox

Software Developer

As a software developer I mostly spend my time working on customer upgrades, new customisations as well as bug-fixing. The most enjoyable part of my role is researching and developing new features for the latest release of software. I studied Computer Games Programming at De Montfort University where I developed my core programming skills in Java, C#, C++ and JavaScript. In previous roles I have developed a CRM system as well as Point of Sale software for touch screen terminals..

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Tim Williams

Technical Consultant

I have specialised in computer programming, both professionally and as a hobby and am a keen linguist having studied French and German. I received my BSc Honours Degree in Computer Game Development from Glyndwr University, which compliments my work very well. In my final year university assignment I developed a “beat-em-up” video game for the PC using a piece of software called “Unreal Engine 4”, which is used in the professional gaming industry. I provide high quality customer support for our clients, as well as programing new features for CableBuilder, our flagship software.

When I am not programming I can sometimes be found volunteering at our local theatre, either as a member of the cast or the crew.

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David Hughes

Technical Consultant

I am a Technical Consultant for Cimteq, it is my job to develop and maintain software for our clients. My key skills are in Software Development, Database Management, Network Management, Electronics and Computing. I gained a First Class Honours Degree (BSc.) in Network Management & Security with a Distinction in FDSc. Applied Computing.

My interests are heavily based around robotics, programming and artificial intelligence. I developed an autonomous system using Artificial Intelligence to detect, track and learn individual human faces on a network using moving cameras.

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Taylor Davidson

Deployment & Testing Engineer

My role in the Cimteq team consists of managing, testing and deploying all software upgrades and patches. I work directly with customers to ensure that all deployments are delivered to the highest standard and in line with their expectations. I studied Software and Games Development in College and enjoy 3D modelling using programs such as 3DS Max and Maya, building and maintaining PCs as well as working with Adobe Creative Suite to create games and videos.

Outside of work if I’m not in the gym, cycling or swimming I will be following my other passion as a film buff.


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